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Data Crow is back

Many years ago I created Data Crow. It started with the idea of me being able to learn Java as well as to create a small and simple application in which I could maintain my growing movie, games and music collection. That must have been somewhere back in 2001.

After years of development the application became more advanced, tool heavy and mature. It moved away from being a rigid application to a completely flexible and modularized piece of software. The goal was (and is) to be able to shape it in the form a users wants. Instead of having to ask me to add a field, you can add it yourself. Instead of asking for a way to register your toy collection you can actually create you very own toy module.

But then 2018 arrived. I looked back at the past years and I just found myself being swamped with other work, tasks and hobbies. Noticing that I felt guilty of my dwindling interest in Data Crow I made the (for me) ultimate decision and that was to be honest and just stop the development, completely.

I actually looked for someone to take over the project but unfortunately that hasn’t worked out (I hope you are well Stacey Murphy!).

But now it’s 2022. I am still busy, but, I am just graving to do some coding. A perfect moment to dust of old Data Crow. I took a look at current state of the product and thought to myself if anyone can bring it back into 2022 it’s me and it should be me.

I have lost the website, which is fine. We are now here, at And a new release of Data Crow is coming soon.

I have been tinkering and moulding the old Data Crow version, have updated all of the libraries and adjusted the code where need be. I am at the last stage of testing; coding is done, packaging has been arranged for (thanks Flag-Courier for you amazing Maven skills) and so…. we are on our way to a new release.