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Data Crow 4.4 development update (Oct 7, 2022)

Currently I am working on version 4.4. The focus is on online services. Many of the old ones had to be removed as they either no longer existed, did become paid services or their structure had been changed completely.

I have implemented a first version of MobyGames (excellent for english information on games) which I’ll continue to test and update. After that I will move on to Discogs for audio.

Additionally I will implement a simple Data Crow service to sign requests. Many online services provide a developer with a single key. This key is then unique to the product and should not be shared. Given that Data Crow open source I currently only have the choice to put the key in the code, somewhere. Not ideal, at all. To overcome this issue I will implement a small server to which you send your initial request. This service will add the (my) API key, signing your request. Your Data Crow installation will then execute the actual query to the 3rd party service.

That means that my service will not execute the search itself neither will it receive the 3rd party data, it will only sign your request. Nor will it store any information on requests that have been made.

Services, such as MobyGames, for which you need your own key or no key at all will bypass the Data Crow request signing service completely.