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Data Crow 4.5 Development Update (Jan 10th, 2023)

Happy New Year!

Progress has been next to none during the Holidays. These last few days I have been making progress though;
I have a running web module in dev; I can search, open and save items through the web interfaces. The layout was (and still partially is) in shambles but with my last updates its definitely heading in the right direction. Many things have changed between PrimeFaces 6 and Primefaces 12, that’s unsurprising I guess 🙂
I remember that all those years ago I was quite pleased to have stumbled upon PrimeFaces as it has many controls that I thought would be needed for Data Crow. Even now, where many developers have moved on to JavaScript based solutions, I am still glad that I am using PrimeFaces. I really don’t fancy learning the ins and outs of a new-to-me framework or learning JavaScript in detail. I’ll stick to this.

One thing that gave me a headache though was the code that is supposed to reroute a user to the login page if the user is not logged on. After fiddling & searching the internet I finally managed to fix the issue (for the technical people; injecting an object into a web filter by using CDI is supported but does not work that well without some trickery).

I still have some way to go but at least I now feel confident that I will get this module working again. And that all on the latest libraries. That will make it much easier for me to support this going forward.

I hope to close this out in the next few days / weeks so that I can progress onto other things; Discogs online search and a few pesky tickets 😉
At least I am fully on track for a Q1 release of Data Crow 4.5!