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New beta version uploaded (4.8) – BETA # 3

With each release there’s more available in Data Crow. This time there’s a completely
new module; Board Games. It includes online search support using the magnificent site On the Movie front a new online search has been added;


  • Added merge option to other modules beside the property modules. This means you can now merge artists, developers and other (sub) module items. It allows you to select the duplicated items and select an existing target item. The process will the update all references from the duplicated items to the new target item. When that’s done, the selected duplicated items are removed from the database completely. The merge dialog has been improved a bit as well.
  • Added componists module and added a componists field to the music album module.
  • Added online search (Dutch movie site).
  • Database language setting added. This determines how items are sorted. For most languages, the default will work. But if you find the sorting is not correct, please change the setting in Settings > Regional Settings > Database Language.
  • Added a new module: Board Games
  • Added online search: Board Games Atlas.


  • Updated HSQL DB to version 2.7.1. JSoup updated to 1.15.4. Gson (from Google) updated to version 2.10.1. Apache xmlgraphics Batik updated to 1.16. Apache PDFBox updated to 2.0.27. Apache Tika upgraded to 2.7.0. Log4j updated to 2.20. jAudiotagger updated to 3.0.1. ImageIO updated to 3.9.4. Jetty updated to 11.0.14. Jakarta Faces updated to 4.0.1. Jakarta Platform updated to 10.0.0. SLF4J API Module updated 2.0.6. Jakarta Servlet updated to 6.0.
  • Online service pack 1.7: reimplemented online service for The Movie Database; fixed issues present in previous versions where actors and such were no longer retrieved and added additional fields to be retrieved such as: rating, countries and languages.
  • Switched on key field settings in everyone’s configuration. This will allow for the uniqueness check to work; when saving an item, Data Crow will check whether the item already exists. It does this by checking the field settings; it will check the combination of values for all fields marked as “key”. If an item already exists with the exact same values for these key fields Data Crow will prevent you from saving the item. Since this was incorrectly set in the base configuration of Data Crow it will now be adjusted (just once) for everyone; every field that is currently marked as ‘required’ will also gain the ‘key’ setting (see Settings > General Field Settings).
  • service now also sets the composer for tracks & albums.
  • References filter will now filter on contains instead of starting with, same for the field filter dialogs.
  • Small layout fixes for the loan administration panel.
  • Added sorting capabilities to the General Field Settings dialog.


  • service now handles sub tracks correctly.
  • Corrected all incorrect base settings, for new installation.
  • Cleanup; corrected the record label module and field references, internal names were incorrect. The database will be automatically updated.
  • Sorting of values was not correct for the tree panels and for the auto numbering tool (for special characters).
  • Server: user could not be edited (error + client got stuck).
  • Server: children were not saved when creating a new item.
  • Server: performance was impacted due to the fact that the whole user object was
    serialized for each permission entry.
  • Server: loan module check for editing allowed was depending on the plugin being loaded. It should only have checked to see whether the permission was given as the server does not have access to the plugins themselves.
  • Sorting was not correct when including reference fields (for special characters).
  • Icons showing too large (unscaled) in the reference selection field.
  • Descriptive setting not correctly applied for media, person and property items.
  • Fixed the layout in the toolbar, ugly line in front of Quick Search.
  • Help updates; reviewed all help files and remove incorrect references and incorrect information.
  • Removed references to no longer existing parameters (-clearsettings and -nosplash).