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Data Crow 4.8.1 has been released – hotfix

With version 4.8.0 I mistakingly made a structure change to the states for the various modules. This fix reverts back that change after which you’ll have all the features of version 4.8.0 without having to deal with this pesky issue.
Luckily a user quickly notified me allowing me to fix this issue swiftly. Not many of you will have had the version 4.8 installed but I thought it to be better to create this release rather than trying to retract version 4.8 and re-release it.


  • Missing states in drop downs in various modules after upgrading to version 4.8.0.


  1. Rik

    Hi Robert-Jan,

    Great to see the improvements however i’m struggling with the following. Under the Movie module i can not get the movie name at the top of the description in the Quick view. It shows the Country on top in bold. Same issue with the directors and Actors showing the country. When I open Actors and directors the Country shows in the Related items list.
    I have two other modules and they do not show that issue. Any advice please.
    Cheers Rik

    • Robert Jan

      Hi Rik,

      For the movie module, go to Settings > General Field Settings
      There, select the title field to be “Descriptive?”. You probably have the country field set as descriptive.

      Do the same for the actors and director modules.


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