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Data Crow 4.9.1 has been released

A new version has been released containing, for the most part, bug fixes.

Many thanks to Ariel ChyƂek for all the translation work and to SandBird for the extensive testing.


  • Issue with self referencing items; right-click menu not showing in view for referenced item.
  • Fixed an issue where quick search is not working when the item holds a reference to an item of module with having the first numeric field set as descriptive.
  • Settings not saved on exit when Data Crow asks for a restart.
  • When an item has a self referencing field it caused the item form to always say there are unsaved changes regardless of having made changes.
  • Values present in self referencing fields were exported to XML with their ID only.
  • Item was able to referencing itself. This causes all kinds of issues; now, when trying to save an item that references itself, the system will prevent you from doing so. Note that it was not possible to filter them from the various fields, this would trigger a rewrite of the way fields are generated. Maybe something for later. The upgrade will remove self referencing values if present (silently).
  • Custom property modules can now be deleted, also when they have not yet been assigned to a reference(s) field.
  • Reference drop-down not sorted per the user settings.
  • Collation issues in the tree view in case the first descriptive field is a numeric field.
  • Tree view did not always adhere to the descriptive settings.
  • Apply button will now remain disabled when a merge has been completed.
  • Server error response was not correctly send to connected clients.
  • Editing an item in the table view could result in loss of multi-reference values.
  • JasperReports dependencies were missing causing in functions to fail when generating the report.
  • Stop button for report generation did not work. It now stops the exporting process. Known issue is that the report generation process of Jasper Reports can not be stopped.
  • Stop button is for report generation is only active when a process is running.
  • Update All dialog could be opened multiple times. Now it blocks access to the view and therefore also blocks the selection of items as made on opening this tool.


  • Added UI scaling option to the Look and Feel settings (25% to 300%)
  • Introduction of cascade delete; when you delete properties / referenced items Data Crow will ask you to delete the references to this item as well.
  • A status bar has been added to the view(s).