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July 2023 Development update

I am on a holiday at the moment, returning next week. As usually around this part of the month I would release a new version Data Crow I’d thought it would be a good idea to give a heads up on the current short term plans. Once back from holiday I will focus on another small release where I will mostly either fixing or improving current functionality. This will be version 4.9.2 which I am planning to release at the start of August 2023 at the latest.

After that I will make an announcement on exciting new developments for the Data Crow Suite.
I have been making plans which are already known to the Golden Crows (see Patreon donation page > click Donate on this site) and I am getting ready to make this known to you as well!

See you next week!



  1. Rik Walstra

    Hi Robert Jan,
    I hope you enjoyed your holiday.
    When you are updating your Data Crow, can you please look into adding IMDB into the movie module’s search server in the Items Wizard. From memory they provide good info about TV series.
    Many thanks

    • Robert Jan

      Hi Rik, only offers paid access to their contents these days. As Data Crow is open source and free to the public I have since decided to abandon IMDB altogether.
      I know this is unfortunate but at this moment I have not much choice. Depending on donations made in the future I might bring back the IMDB online search, but that’s a bit uncertain as the backing is a bit lacking 😉 at the moment.


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