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Data Crow 5.0 Announcement

Scope creep…. it has just happened. I am working on the picture stuff and I am about 80 per cent done; you can add pictures (as many as you want), you can order them.. all the internal stuff has been almost completed. But then it happened, the scope creeped (?? it crept?), I need to change the web application as well as the import and export of items. The latter will have a knock on effect on the reports.

That’s what you get when you just do stuff, without properly planning it. You look at the web application and you think to yourself.. “I might as well change a little here and a little there”. And then, you look at the XML import and export. Yes, I can just touch it up so that new picture stuff works. But… actually, would it not better to..

There you go! The weirdest announcement for a new major version in the history of Data Crow.

And isn’t it about time as well, to just ditch the 4.0 version?! So much has changed since the original version 4.0 was released. When was it?? Oh… geez… even longer ago then I thought it was: the 23th of July, 2014.

Version 5.0

  • Drastical improvement of item loading for the card view.
  • Unlimited number of pictures can be added
  • XML export – export everything to XML for a single module. Yes, I am sticking to XML for now.
  • Update of the web application (no specifics yet)

Is this going to take long? Unknown, but at least on or before 23th of July, 2024. I will finish up the picture stuff first and will work on the XML export and import right after. Then the web application… and then the rest.

I’ll release beta versions like I did previously when certain items are finished. That will be a number of weeks into the future.