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Data Crow 4.4 development update (Oct 18, 2022)

I have finalized the mobygames search. It’s really nice to see the sheer amount of information they offer on games for any platform. I did post some pictures of the online search on

The main thing now is to implement the small server that will sign requests to other (to be implemented) online services. I have an instance running now and am working on creating the service/software. I will use Data Crow Server edition as a base to create quick responding simple sign service. One that I can tinker with without having to release new updates for the core Data Crow product.

Other things; I am hunting sites that now host Data Crow 4.3 and ask them to change the URL to the new site ( I think will go down January 2023, so I am hoping the domain will be up for grabs. But, maybe I won’t be so lucky. I haven’t been able to get into contact with the owner of this domain.

I was able however to get Fosshub back and they now also host Data Crow 4.3 and they point to the new domain.
I will keep the files hosted on Sourceforge as well.

Development next steps:

  • Getting the sign service for online searches up and running
  • Implement more 3rd party online services

Have a great week!