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Why Data Crow?

In this day age where corporations rule the world, sponsoring or creating apps that conveniently allow you to store data on their servers for free, is there a spot for old fashioned software such as Data Crow?

If you’re realistic the answer has to be a big fat no. Data Crow doesn’t fit in a modern world. You can’t put it on your phone, you can’t share your data with a single tab on a screen, you can’t link information to social media platforms, the list goes on…

So why Data Crow?

If you’re a bit old fashioned and you value your privacy like myself it’s absolutely great to have a piece software that runs on your well protected computer. You know where you’re data is stored, you know who has access to it, you can back up your own information for safe keeping. You know that you can delete your data and it’s… gone. Forever.

Additionally, Data Crow is extremely flexible. You can change it to register whatever you like, you can change the existing modules, the labels, the layout, the look and feel.

I do stick by my own self-destructive comment that this day and age does not allow for Data Crow to be hugely popular. I will also say that I don’t care as much. I am not in this for the money, obviously. I will tend to Data Crow (this time) until there are no users left.

Feel free to comment on this. Why would you keep on using Data Crow in this modern era?


  1. Pat

    Yep, good to see you back.
    The bulk of my collection is on my PC and associated hard drives and so a programme like yours is perfect. But since I use the PC to populate the music on my ‘phone, I would love to be able to consult my collection in order to organise my next batch of albums.

  2. Martin

    I was just running a backup of my Data Crow database, as I am moving the database between disks, and I thought let’s see what’s going on, and came across this site. Welcome back Robert Jan and team, it’s so nice to have the best cataloguer software back under support.

    I totally agree with the comments in this article, and maybe I am showing my age, but I love the fact that I can have my entire catalogue safely stored on my harddrive, and not having to share even more data with the big corporates.

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