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Data Crow 4.4 development update (Nov 28, 2022)

I have been working on Data Crow 4.4 over the past few weeks;
1) The auto update for online services has been completed. Data Crow will ask you if it is OK to check and automatically download new versions of the online services package.
2) Once a new version has been downloaded Data Crow will let you know and tell what has been changed.
3) Because Data Crow needs to be able to download the file, the service package has been move to the user folder. Typically Data Crow can’t make changes to the installation folder but can make changes to the user folder where all changeable data resides (your data).
4) I finalized the amazing online search for games.
5) I fixed an issue where the scrolling in the card view is sometimes reversed.

There’s a few more issues I would like to resolve before releasing + I really need to translate the new labels and messages.
I got an offer for a German translation of the new texts and Dutch I can do myself. If anyone else would like to contribute; let me know.

Also, working with Data Crow now myself after all these years, I have noticed room for improvement in usability. The settings for fields, item forms, quick view etc are all great but they are counter intuitive. I won’t fix this in Data Crow 4.4 but I am thinking about a step by step UI overhaul.
Could be fun!