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Data Crow 4.5 Announcement

I have just released Data Crow 4.4 and that means it is now time to look at what you can expect version 4.5 to bring to the table.
Data Crow 4.5 will bring back all of the lost functionality that was working in the old version but has been removed from the current version.
That’s a clear no for the online searches that were already broken as these have become either paid for services or have been abandoned. For these will I add alternatives where possible, such as I did with releasing the online search in 4.4.

What to expect?

  • The web module will be reinstated. I have looked at the old code, which was based on an old version PrimeFaces. I will upgrade this from version 6 (or was it 5?) to version 12. Hopefully I can still reuse most of my old code. That’s the first objective; bring the web module back in its original state but working with the newest libraries. I might make a few improvements here and there but really, expect the same module with the same look and feel for now. I want to make it more fancy but first things first.
  • Discogs will be added as an online service.
  • The online service package will be expanded so that settings can be added to the main product without having to do a new release of the whole product. As Data Crow 4.4 has brought automatic updates to you for online services I need to enhance this further as most services I want to add will require additional settings. The same goes for labels and messages added by online services as these will need to be translatable.

Those are the main items I will be focussing on. You can expect a release somewhere in the first quarter of 2023.

Oh and if you want to update the existing translations in Data Crow or add a new language – please, let me know and I’ll guide on the simple process of creating a new translation / updating an existing translation. I would love to add your improvements into Data Crow.

Code contributions are also very welcome. You can find the source repository under Code menu option.


  1. Pat

    I downloaded datacrow awhile back, but never really got into it because saw that it seemed abandoned!
    I’m so glad you’re back to update it.
    I’ve just started looking for a cataloguer for my music to replace one that I’ve been using for ages which is no longer updated.
    And I found myself drawn back to data crow (you can thank your wife for the name – really easy to remember, whereas I can’t even remember the name of the programme I’ve been using for the last 10 years!)
    There is one feature I miss an awful lot. It’s to be able to consult my music collection on the PC on my ‘phone.
    Is it possible to have an android app which could work in tandem with the PC? (Unless the server business could do the job, I haven’t looked into it yet.)

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