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Data Crow 4.5 Development Update (Dec 16th, 2022)

Work on version 4.5 has just begun. I have been busy looking at the web module and the new versions of the components it is / was using.
I updated PrimeFaces from version 6 to version 12. In doing so, I saw that all dependencies were of course also obsolete. Updating these components took some time. I’ll spare you the details on the specific components but I will say that getting a web server running again was not easy at all. Java always throws you some curveballs.

I did have to make changes to my code to use the new libraries. And I still have some stuff switched off that I’ll need to reimplement, but I have a good base now to continue on. Having success in the end with a web module spinning up without any errors feels like a victory.

Now, I said it is functional (you can load items, open an item and edit an item) but take that with a grain of salt as the layout of the web module has gone to pieces. The various overviews and forms are no longer neatly placed and ordered. Additionally icons used which were based on version 6 have since disappeared in version 12, so those I will need to update. And I have not yet implemented the loading of the images. There’s more; lots.. to.. do..

Another major change is that I already switched to Jetty for hosting images for the application server. It felt wrong to keep on using Tomcat to run the web module, a bit of overkill when Jetty has already been embedded into Data Crow. In stead I am now also using Jetty (version 11, which is the latest) to run the web module.