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Data Crow 4.5.1 Announcement

I am currently working on a small release. The reason is an issue introduced when the library was updated which generates the executables for Data Crow.
The new executables are marked by some virus scanners as a virus / threat. I always scan my own environment and there are no viruses on my build machine. After doing additional research it turns out that multiple virus scanner can flag executables generated by Launch4j (which I used) as a virus, where actually there’s no virus present; a false positive. I now have two options, either I downgrade to Java 11 (from Java 17) so that I can downgrade Launch4j (the old version did not have this issue), or, I take steps to digitally sign the executables. The latter is bit of an advanced way where you need to buy a certificate from an organization which you use to sign the executables you generate for your product. This ensures that the executables you get with Data Crow are created by me – as I have signed it using my certificate. This is also reported as the solution of the issue we are currently facing.

So, yes, I have chosen for the latter option and am awaiting approval of my certificate request.

Additionally I am replacing the old Data Crow logo’s with more modern once. That will also be part of the 4.5.1 release.