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Data Crow 4.6 has been released

This release contains important changes;


  • iTunes online search.


  • The executables of Data Crow are now signed by my own official certificate. This means no more issues with virus scanners and no more unknown publisher messages for Windows users. I had to update the datacrow-install module to include the signing. This will only work on my build machines as the certificate is private to myself. There is no code hidden from you, it’s still true to form for an open source project. All other developers won’t be able to do is to generate the official Data Crow executables.
  • The web modules is now configured for HTTPS (only). A default self signed certificate has been added. This can be used for internal / local network use. If the application needs to be running in a web environment it is recommended to add a valid certificate which can be configured in ssl/ Always go to the HTTPS version in the browser when navigating to the web module from now on.
  • Changed all Data Crow product icons.
  • The main application icon now consists of multiple sizes to allow support for multiple displaying purposes.
  • Discogs maximum search results has been increased (online services pack version 1.4).
  • Reintroduced the donation question.
  • Updated the completely outdated About dialog contents.
  • Added an executable for the server version.


  • Web module did not show the login page correctly.
  • Web module you needed to login twice in order to get into the application (a 4.2.2 issue)
  • Web module: download button was too large.
  • Donate plugin was outdated and donate dialog pointed to the old site.
  • Some fields were not translatable on the loan panel (item form > loan administration)
  • Added an additional check when looking for the current active module to prevent incorrect startup errors.
  • The font was incorrect on opening the help section.
  • There was an issue with loading items in case the ordering was set on a non-text field (this issue was introduced in version 4.5).