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New beta uploaded

A new beta version has been uploaded (version 4.7.0 – BETA);


  • software online search.


  • Now allowing for references to be made to main modules without removing the referenced
    module from the module menu.
  • Now allowing users to alter a module to create a reference to the module itself;
    allowing for, for example, a field called related software item on a software item.
  • Hierarchy view for containers will now show all items per container + the items of
    children of the selected container.


  • Errors for Data Crow client in case the server was not responding when logging on.
  • Filtering on references didn’t work (sometimes).
  • Module disappears completely when a reference field is added referencing itself
    (reference field on software pointing to software).
  • The log window (CTRL+L) did not show latest entries.
  • The server edition sometimes gave errors on saving new items.