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New BETA version: Data Crow 4.9 BETA II

You can find this test edition in the downloads section.


  • NPE exception during the set up of the user folder due to the logger not having been
    initialized yet. This issue will hide the real underlying issue.
  • Fixed an error on startup for MacOS.
  • Fixed an error on startup for OpenJDK.


  • Internal structural changes have been made to allow the Data Crow core libray to be
    incoporated in other applications. Most importantly the logging mechanism is now
    completely decoupled from the code as such that it can be registered by the
    application/app using the core library. Other major changes have been made to
    significantly reduce the usage of the AWT and Swing libraries.


  • Data Crow synchronization service for external (to Data Crow) devices. This service
    allows both module and data to be synchronized. At the current stage, it’s a one way
    synchronization going from Data Crow to the external device.