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Data Crow 4.9 has been released

Version 4.9 brings you a whole new module to register Comic Books. It is supported by the invaluable online source that is
I have not yet created a DMG for MacOS, I am planning on creation and uploading this package, as part of this release, within the next few days.


  • Data Crow synchronization service for external (to Data Crow) devices. This service allows both module and data to be synchronized. At the current stage, it’s a one way synchronization going from Data Crow to the external device. This is the build up for something great(er) in the near future.
  • New module: comic books.
  • New online search for comics: Comic Vine
  • New online search for comic book characters: Comic Vine


  • NPE exception during the set up of the user folder due to the logger not having been initialized yet. This issue will hide the real underlying issue.
  • Fixed an error on startup for MacOS (from the terminal).
  • Fixed an error on startup for OpenJDK.
  • Items not described correctly for none standard modules.
  • Icon not showing for the shortcut created on Linux.
  • Uniqueness check not working correctly if one of the fields is a key field but not a required field.
  • The online search breaks the uniqueness check, causing duplicate items to be added.
  • Clear on online search form did not clear the quick view panel.
  • References field, selection dialog, did not adhere to “descriptive” setting of the module.
  • Now if you supply credentials when creating a new Data Crow instance, Data Crow will create a user with these credentials. This is true for both the client and the server edition if the parameter -credentials has been supplied (see:
  • Mass update for board games was not working.
  • Mass update incorrectly causing warnings on item uniqueness.
  • Mass update for books did not correctly check on the ISBN field.


  • Internal structural changes have been made to allow the Data Crow core library to be incorporated in other applications. Most importantly the logging mechanism is now completely decoupled from the code as such that any other logging mechanism can be be used, suitable for the targeted platform. Other major changes have been made to significantly reduce the references to the AWT and Swing libraries (GUI) from the Data Crow core library. The exception to the latter are the image classes.
  • The module wizard now allows you to create references to the same module multiple times.
  • Removed setting: “delete picture file after adding it to an item”
  • Report dialog now remembers selected target file per module and additionally also remembers the selected report and report format.