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Data Crow 4.10 BETA II has been released

I have released a new version of the Data Crow – a test version. Please help me in testing the 4.10 release version. It can be found in the Downloads sections of this site.

I know, I know – another beta version… seriously!!?? Yes. I had too much to fix and too much to enhance that I felt a second beta is almost necessary. Also, the translation are trailing a bit behind – this gives the translations (and thus the translators as well) a bit of more time to finish (hopefully – please don’t let me down).


  • Attachments can now be added to items. These documents are stored within the Data Crow data set in a compressed format. All main modules allow for attachments to be added.
  • Added drag and drop support for pictures (from file and directly from web pages) and attachments.
  • New Russian translations has been added (not finalized) – major thanks to Ilya Sigidin.


  • On upgrade, Data Crow will convert all images to a standard format (JPEG). This is to reduce storage size and improve performance. Additionally a maximum resolution will be maintained: 3840 * 2160.
  • Portuguese translation has been updated – major thanks to Pedro Albuquerque.
  • Data Crow will no longer close windows or exit when pressing the escape key. This has been changed to CTRL/COMMAND+ESC.
  • Create multiple now allows for rows to be deleted.
  • Create multiple will only show one message when multiple items could not be saved.
  • Update All will now process all items and show a combined message on failures (due to constraints) rather then individual messages.
  • Filter dialog will keep the selected field and operator when adding entries.
  • Extended the image formats supported by Data Crow, including webp.
  • Online search will now store images to the temporary folder instead of keeping the images completely in memory.
  • Related items are now shown in the quick view as well


  • Incorrect alignment of the filter label on the related items tab.
  • Update all dialog; could not create new reference using the icon for the reference / references field.
  • Create multiple items dialog; sometimes, for custom modules, no fields are displayed. Now, all enabled and editable fields are displayed.
  • Item form settings; sometimes it does not show any fields available for assignment.
  • Filter dialog shows value field for is filled / is empty operator when switching between fields.
  • OpenLibrary search: edition data mix up (sometimes) causing incorrect results
  • OpenLibrary search: language not imported when searching on ISBN
  • OpenLibrary search: ISBN10 and ISBN13 should always be filled but are sometimes blank
  • Several (potential and very real) memory leaks have been fixed
  • When server and client run in different languages issues could occur with the data filters
  • Missing Line Breaks in Quick View Pane
  • Client – Server: on saving an item where there are data issues, such an item not being unique, the item form is closed instead of kept open
  • Client – Server: update all dialog won’t open
  • Image importer parses incorrect resolution for image
  • File browser: file type description too long for field
  • Table view: tracks are not shown for music albums
  • Templates: sometimes template could not be selected when creating an item
  • Templates: not checked if template name is filled
  • Image preview did not work for all image types – it now shows previews for all supported image types (webp, jpeg, etc.)
  • Restore closes the application after successful finish without any message
  • The file import task bar is incorrect when going over 100 files
  • Templates cannot be edited in the server edition

[New fixes &changes based on beta I input]

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        • Server won’t start
        • Backup does not contain the attachments