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Data Crow 4.10 has been released

Many thanks to everyone that helped in testing as well as to anyone who has updated the translations! This version brings you a lot of fixes and small changes as well as a new feature; the ability to attachment files to items.


  • Attachments can now be added to items. These documents are stored within the Data Crow data set in a compressed format (zip). All main modules allow for attachments to be added.
  • Added drag and drop support for pictures (from file and directly from web pages) and attachments.
  • New Russian translations has been added (not finalized) – major thanks to Ilya Sigidin.
  • Portuguese translation has been revamped – major thanks to Pedro Albuquerque.


  • On upgrade, Data Crow will convert all images to a standard format (JPEG). This is to reduce storage size and improve performance. Additionally a maximum resolution will be maintained: 3840 * 2160.
  • Data Crow will no longer close windows or exit when pressing the escape key. This has been changed to CTRL/COMMAND+ESC.
  • Create multiple now allows for rows to be deleted.
  • Create multiple will only show one message when multiple items could not be saved.
  • Update All will now process all items and show a combined message on failures (due to constraints) rather then individual messages.
  • Filter dialog will keep the selected field and operator when adding entries.
  • Extended the image formats supported by Data Crow, including webp.
  • Online search will now store images to the temporary folder instead of keeping the images completely in memory.
  • Related items are now shown in the quick view as well


  • Incorrect alignment of the filter label on the related items tab.
  • Update all dialog; could not create new reference using the icon for the reference / references field.
  • Create multiple items dialog; sometimes, for custom modules, no fields are displayed. Now, all enabled and editable fields are displayed.
  • Item form settings; sometimes it does not show any fields available for assignment.
  • UI scaling session can get lost when switching between user folders.
  • Filter dialog shows value field for is filled / is empty operator when switching between fields.
  • OpenLibrary search: edition data mix up (sometimes) causing incorrect results
  • OpenLibrary search: language not imported when searching on ISBN
  • OpenLibrary search: ISBN10 and ISBN13 should always be filled but are sometimes blank
  • Several (potential and very real) memory leaks have been fixed
  • When server and client run in different languages issues could occur with the data filters
  • Missing Line Breaks in Quick View Pane
  • Client – Server: on saving an item where there are data issues, such an item not being unique, the item form is closed instead of kept open
  • Client – Server: update all dialog won’t open
  • Image importer parses incorrect resolution for image
  • File browser: file type description too long for field (too many extension / file types supported). Abbreviated the filter description.
  • Table view: tracks are not shown for music albums
  • Templates: sometimes template could not be selected when creating an item
  • Templates: not checked if template name is filled
  • Image preview did not work for all image types – it now shows previews for all supported image types (webp, jpeg, etc.)
  • Restore closes the application after successful finish without any message
  • The file import task bar is incorrect when going over 100 files
  • Templates cannot be edited in the server edition


  1. Jana

    Dear Robert Jan,
    Many thanks for creating an amazing and functional tool.
    I have been using it for some years now for my movie library and now after upgrading my mac to 64bit Monteray, I had to update DataCrow to version 4.10.0.
    I have updated Java Platform to 21 version and installed DataCrow.
    However when I try to open it I get message: ‘Java Application launch failed. Check Console for possible error messages related to… ”
    But no actual error messages in Console.
    I would appreciate any advice on how to fix it and actually run the program.

    Thank you in advance.
    Kind regards,

    • Robert Jan

      Hi Jana,

      What you probably did is install it on top of the existing Data Crow version. The shortcuts that you use to start Data Crow point to the old version whereas that is now corrupt by the new installation.
      I would advise you to uninstall Data Crow and reinstall version 4.10.

      Hope this helps,

  2. Zecthan

    Hello there

    I wish to participate in the dev, maybe help you a bit, maybe just check if it’s in my capability to actually help, is that possible?

    • Robert Jan


      It’s an open source project which is solely run by me at the moment. Any help in programming would be much appreciated!
      Please drop me an email on and let’s see if and how you would like to contribute!

      Sorry for my late response,

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