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Data Crow 4.11 has been released

A bit later as originally planned, but, nevertheless: here it is, version 4.11.


  • Sometimes items could not be saved due to an error in calculating the file hash.
  • Sometimes an attachment could not be opened.
  • Added better management of number of requests for the Google Book Search. In case of a “too many request” error, Data Crow will retry after 1.5 seconds and will do so for a maximum of 4 retries.
  • did not show & and other characters correctly in the title.
  • Create tab window size was not stored.
  • Icon cannot be selected when creating a new tab for the item form.
  • When a data folder / user folder was newly set up, Data Crow would (try to) create nulldc.script and in the installation folder.
  • Removed synchronizer for persons (should not have been there)
  • Removed calendar export for loans for modules not supporting loan management


  • Added cancel option when the item form is closed and unsaved changes are detected. This keeps the dialog open without making any changes.
  • Added a create button to the references selection dialog.
  • New icons; existing system icons have been replaced with new ones with a bigger size (32×32 instead of 16×16)
  • Changed icons for most menu items.
  • Existing item form tabs can now be edited.
  • Quick view; the setting “show pictures in separate tabs” would ignore picture not enabled for the details. Now, if this setting is enabled all pictures will be shown in separate tabs and pictures ticked as enabled will also appear in the overview.
  • Added 24×24 for icon scaling. Removed 40×40 and 36×36 as there are no icons of this size currently available in Data Crow.
  • Picture fields: removed the menu for editing and placed the icons at the top of the picture pane.
  • Removed blur as an edit option for images.
  • The default icon size for new installations has been changed to 24×24, field and button heights to 26.


  • Board Game Atlas has gone offline, they no longer exist. The online search has been removed from Data Crow as it has nowhere to connect to. Trying to find an alternative.