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Person Name Rewriting

Menu path: Tools > Name Rewriter

Persons have a first name and a last name field. Additionally there’s a field called Name. With the name rewriting tool you can make sure the Name field holds the full name in the order (of last name an first name) you desire.

Enabled #

Check the field enabled to rewrite names for new items (and when updating existing persons). Disable this functionality by unchecking the enabled box (default).

Display order #

Select the appropriate display order;

  • First name Last name
  • Last name, First name

Rewrite all names #

Rewrites all name of all persons present in this module. Make sure to select the desired name display format first. Then press ‘Run’ to rename all customers.

You can rename persons multiple times. This is because of the fact that the first name and last name fields will remain untouched. Only the name is updated, using the last and first name information.